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Wallaby Patties

  • 1 young wallaby
  • onion
  • eggs; beaten
  • fat
  • bacon
  • brown gravy
  • red currant jelly

Wash and chop the hind quarters of a young wallaby. Remove the meat from the bone and put through a mincer. Add a little onion and one or two well beaten eggs, according to the amount of meat you have. Shape into patties or rissoles and deep fry in fat until brown and cooked through.

Serve with crispy fried rashers of bacon, brown gravy and red currant jelly.

Roast Wallaby

  • 1 wallaby
  • forcemeat
  • milk
  • butter

In winter the animal may be hung for some days, as a hare, which it resembles, but in summer it must, like all other flesh be cooked very soon after it is killed. Cut off the hind legs at the first joints and after skinning and paunching, let it lie in water for a little to draw out the blood.

Make a good veal forcemeat and after well washing the inside of the wallaby, stuff it and sew it up. Truss as a hare and roast before a bright clear fire from 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 hours, according to size. It must be kept some distance from the fire when first put down, or the outside will be too dry before the inside is done. Baste well, first with milk and then with butter and when nearly done dredge with flour and baste again with butter until nicely frothed.

From ‘A Taste of the Past – Some Pioneer Cooks of Happy Valley and the Southern Hills’

Yield: 6 people